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Follow along on a Twitter thread that followed a fresh watch of the classic flick, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’



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After watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off w/my son last night, for the umpteenth time, I’d like to bring up the following observations (ur welcome to comment on one or all).

1) how could Ferris’ parents have been so clueless? There r so many missed hints. #imeanreally







We really don’t give Rooney a chance.

I mean, the guy is literally doing his job. True, the man goes above & beyond call of duty, making it too personal a mission to hunt down delinquent #Ferris.

But let’s face it, the kid’s a spoiled brat. #amiright #stillgreatthough







what is up with the 3-way friendship? I mean, I’m ok w/friendship of an n=3 but Sloane, at one point, takes her clothes off in front of Cameron, & wonders whether he saw it (it’s eluded to). Did u even catch that part when u 1st saw it? I didn’t. #newangle #strangeturnofevent



(going to insert this here: I have read about the interesting possibility that Ferris is, in actuality, Cameron’s alter ego: it’s the ‘bad boy’ he always wants to be.)





what do you think happens to Cameron, once the friends leave & he has to confront his domineering dad?

I’d love to hear Twitter-sphere scenarios on how events would unfold..

Aaaaaaaaand go!

#amwriting #lovecreativepossibilities







The #gadgets from back then bring me back to my #childhood – a time when computers were really big boxes w/ neon green text within & stereo players had those little bars that moved up and down as they registered noise.

I have nothing to add to this except: I’M GETTING #OLD.







The final scene, in which sister Jeannie saves Ferris makes no sense. (BTW there’s irony to that – b/c.. ‘Save Ferris’ )

If he truly “walked home from the hospital” then all Rooney has to do is request a letter of proof that Ferris was, in fact, hospitalized.








Does Sloane actually think she lost her GM, when Ferris plays tricks 2 get her out? B/c she seems surprised upon seeing him in ‘inspector gadget’ outfit -which incidentally he recycled 4 another movie. Also, how does she recognize him, but NOT Rooney, who‘s already suspicious?






as a follow up to previous confusion: how does Rooney not ‘get it’ when he witnesses that long, romantic kiss b/w Sloane & ‘her dad’?

I mean, we can all agree there’s something sleezy to him, but as adults now, don’t we kind of feel for him? He’s so easily duped! #commonsense







I’m open to all other observations or comments about the film because it really is a true classic- from scenes, to music, to the stars.

Plus, who hasn’t, on at least 1 occasion in life, said aloud, “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

#thebest #classic #loveinput #whoelselovesit





To those of you reading this at the comfort of your own homes, weigh in below with your answers, or with your own fun Ferris observations, in the comment section below!


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Tackling Ferris Bueller.. on MY Day Off


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