A Nomad day

Fotografiska with girlfriends

"The Nudge"

A day spent at the Fotografiska museum with these girlfriends, at the LaChapelle exhibit, meant a day of color, stimulating conversation, and laughs.

On exhibit was the digital photography work of David La Chapelle, an American photographer, music video director and film director, best known for his work in fashion and photography. He’s known for referencing art history in his artwork, sometimes conveying social messages, too, as was the case at the exhibit we saw.

Of relevance, some of his healthcare-related art:

Here's one that really spoke to me - see image below. It's a modern take on Icarus, a Greek mythology character that falls from the sky after flying too close to the sun, having crafted wings from feathers and wax. La Chapelle's work comes complete with "vintage" computer screens that surround his Icarus (I added quotes because we used these screens when I was young, & they're sadly considered vintage today). I assumed this work has to do with the modernization of communication, and the evolution of electronic devices (screens we once used have become obsolete). It's also interesting that here, the "wings" are made of broken crutches.

Stopped at a space for a networking event...

I rented out a gallery space nearby, in the Nomad area of Manhattan, for a doctors-networking event I put together through my company, SoMeDocs. It took place in the evening of Sept 22, 2022 (I ran a few in-person networking events & now organize them virtually, here for Network members of SoMeDocs). It was the first of several fun-filled nights I hosted in NYC for docs who follow my business (SoMeDocs), with nothing specifically planned except for pure networking: introductions, drinks, food, & even laughs.

Here are some photos of the girls & I checking out the rented space, before the event.

Us, walking down the museum steps & into the gallery.

Lunch with a smile

The day never ends with JUST a museum, as the girls and I followed the exhibit with a walk along NYC streets and a rooftop snack with a side of yap.

The Networking Event

The event turned out fantastic.

We basically rented out the gallery space, cleaned it up a wee bit, packed it up with food, and went to work networking.

Are you a doctor that wants to try out networking? We host both in-person AND virtual events.

"The Descent"

Is there anything more beautiful than a regal descent down a staircase like this?