Four-Quadrant Seaweed Sandwich Snacks

“Nori”, for those who don’t know, is dried seaweed. It’s the main ingredient in these delicious, easy-to-make sandwiches.

You can buy nori in small, snack-sized bunches, or larger, in sheets. Here’s a quick link to sheets like the ones I used, from Amazon (get them shipped for free, if you’re Prime).

These are typically used to make the sushi we all know (and many of us love). But you can also use them at home, for a quick meal.

It was tough filming this ‘cause I was prepping a lunch for the 5 of us, with seconds, thirds, and fourths, where servings were concerned, PLUS, doing the folding one-handed (to film).

Anyhoo, this was a HUGE hit in our household. It’s super nutritious, super delicious, and they’ll quickly be asking for more.



Seaweed paper (they’re typically scored in 4, which will help with the folding)
Sliced avocado
Sliced cucumbers (I love Persian cucumbers)
Crab or imitation crab, if you’re vegan
(Swap these for any other fun fillers)
Kewpie (this is Japanese Mayo. You can substitute with Mayo if you don’t have. Or yogurt, for healthier version)
Tamari sauce


Lay out the seaweed, cut a line down from the middle of one side to the center (video shows how, below).
Then, place each of your filling ingredient in a separate quadrant, of 4 total.
Add the kewpie and tamari sauce on top of one of the quadrants.
Fold each quadrant into another, as pictured.
Pick up and ravenously consume!

Four-Quadrant Seaweed Sandwich Snacks

This seaweed sandwich takes just a few minutes to prepare and will impress every single one of your entire snack-yearning family members.


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