Game of Thrones, Meet Flu Season!

Dana Corriel, MD

Dana Corriel, MD

A board certified internal medicine physician who, mid-career, swapped stethoscope for computer screen, and has become a digital brand consultant. for individual health experts and businesses, alike.

(a poem on flu protection)


Game of Thrones, Meet Flu Season!


If game of thrones were

To be real, in this life,

And the flu virus

Swapped out in place of the knife,


Would you want to prepare

For the mean, deadly threat

Or brace yourself, passive,

For what your fate met?


You wouldn’t! You’d arm yourself!

Ready for war.

You’d rev up your army,

To settle the score.


‘Cause ‘Winter is Coming’

And there’s no chance in hell

That you’d put at risk chances

Of not feeling well.


So roll up your sleeve

And prepare for the flu.

For the elderly, sick,

For the children, and YOU.



Watch the poem put to action, on video, below!

(featuring the photos of various SoMeDocs warriors, who wanted to bravely participate in the action!)





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Game of Thrones, Meet Flu Season! (a poem on flu protection)


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