Gingerbread Cuties (on Hot Cocoa)

Sharing a treat with your loved ones this holiday season doesn’t have to be so hard.

I picked up these really cute gingerbread cookies at Trader Joe’s the other day.

They sit atop a mug’s rim, cheerfully (and maybe even innocently, as their doom will soon arise) looking out at the drinker.

I joked around that they look like they’re modeling, and then aptly named the one nearest to me Gingy Crawford, which gave me (and only me) a hearty laugh.

No one in my family thinks I’m funny.


Anyway, while I took a shortcut on these gingerbread cookies, having purchased them rather than baked them from scratch, I up-leveled the hot cocoas in other ways.

Take a look at the 90-second reel, below.



I couldn’t find these specific mugs online (I had snagged them at Home Goods a while back). The closest offering I found to my mugs above, were these, through Amazon :


I did, however, find these gingerbread cuties, for your purchasing, hanging, and devouring pleasure:


Oh, and in case you want to torch your own marshmallows (I also use it to caramelize sugar on top of grapefuirts when I make those, and there’s also creme brulee!):



Gingerbread Cuties (on Hot Cocoa)

Here's a cute idea for serving up hot cocoa and whipping up smiles on your loved one's faces this holiday season.


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