(an ‘Instagram live’)



Online Trolls Begone.


I recently spoke at a virtual conference about Healthcare Social Media (one of my favorite topics!) and got a TON of questions that I didn’t have time to answer.

So instead of leaving them unanswered, I decided to use my expertise and presence online to address the questions on the very same social media platforms I spoke about in my talks.

I’ll be covering each one on a different ‘live’ segment, and then sharing here.

For this particular question, I hopped on an Instagram live to share my thoughts.

Thank you to those who were present and interacted with me in real time.




“How Do You Handle Online Trolls as a Professional?”: A Video Commentary


Settlers of Cattan: Worth It

Settlers of Cattan: Worth It

My husband and I love to sit down to a juicy game of “Settlers” against our youngest son, who’s started to sometimes legitimately win.

A Birthday CeleBERETion!

A Birthday CeleBERETion!

I wanted to celebrate my belated birthday in style, with girlfriends. So I came up with a unique celeBERETion.