How I Raised an Amazing Kid (I’m Biased, Of Course, But I Still Did!)

I raised an amazing kid. Even though I know that I’m biased.

I also believe that I don’t have perfect answers as to the ‘how’.

No one does. Because we’re all different; and that’s what makes the world – and getting to know everyone within it – so dang fun.




I’m about to share just a few of the things that I picked up along this crazy journey called “parenthood”.

It’s a long and twisty road, full of bumps and crevices no one warns you about.

And I’ve somehow made it through. So far. And I’m happy to report to you that I’ve kept my human being alive and happy. The oldest of my bunch.


Now while I know that the last thing you want to read about is how someone else did things right, keep in mind that I’m not pretending like I have.

I just love my kid, that’s all. And I’m willing to share a few pointers, right here in this fairly unread blog, about what I learned to optimize, over the years.

The random pointers:


  1. So many of my professional peers ask me how to raise good kids. I don’t know! I wish I did. Maybe it’s just rolling with it? Doling out as much love as you can? Giving him the respect of being his own man, while still being the parent he needed, when he needed me to step in? Maybe?
  2. How do we handle the guilt of raising our careers, while raising children? It’s hard. I struggled with that aspect, too. In fact, I took a drawn-out break from medicine (3 years!) in order to reconcile the time I didn’t have for him in my earlier years. Turned out he didn’t need me to take a break. I was his mom either way! (discovering myself was a different story, but that’s for another time)
  3. How amazing are the tools of today? When I was younger, I could only dream of creating a video like the one above, to serve as a memory of the incredible day shown (his prom). Today, I can whip out one of these videos, in the matter of an hour, really, and create it at the palm of my hand! Think of the entrepreneurial potential there!! And it even makes you cool; even when, in reality, you aren’t!).
  4. Hug them. Every single day. Hug them to remind them how much you love them. And to remind yourself of the same. You’ll never regret that you did.


Now I’m off to go to give some love to my other two. I can’t wait to watch them blossom, too.

How I Raised an Amazing Kid (I’m Biased, Of Course, But I Still Did!)

Reflecting on raising a 'good kid' and the fact that we don't always know what we did right or wrong (except to love)


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