How Physicians Can Regain Control by Building Online Brands



I created a video a few years back describing how building online personal brands, as physicians, can help us to regain control in healthcare.

This control, in my opinion, will ultimately lead to a better healthcare (because it will ultimately lead to the respect of the individuals behind the “avatars”) and to happier, healthier patients.







Because, when the physician is in charge, that golden patient-physician relationship we’ve lost along the way, is restored.

Put plainly, when we decrease the control of the middlemen that have snuck up in between – many that are unnecessary & are there to simply squeeze more profit out of this business – we bring back the ability to heal at the level of actual care.




Because the physician is the dedicated servant of healthcare, who went through decades of training, and is actually the one who can heal.

Because the physician should be making decisions at the level of the visit itself, rather than from the C-suite, where non-physician admins live.

Or from the insurance company “factory”, where other non-medical entities make decisions based on algorithms and NOT on the actual living human, standing in front of the doctor herself.


Put in terms of the “game” analogy I used recently, to explain the healthcare playing field, developing individual physician brands will allow each worker within to essentially “code” our own board within the large healthcare field/board. It will allow us the opportunity to integrate our entities, work well together, in mutual respect, and just as easily leave when we need to, or are forced to, taking our avatar and playing pieces right along with us to own.

Take a look at a video I made a while back explaining this concept:





Let’s build up expert worth.

Let’s fuel healthcare innovation. 


How Physicians Can Regain Control by Building Online Brands

Restoring healthcare relationships starts at the individual level of building online brands for the workers within it.


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