How To Choose the Right Topic for Your Next Blog Post

I’m a blog-dinosaur.

What I mean is that I’ve been writing in a blog for a long time.

Maybe not as long as other blog-dinosaurs around me, but certainly pretty-pretty-pretty (to quote Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David) long.


One of the hurdles to writing a standout blog post HAS to be the topic you choose, and when that topic resonates with your audience, you’re much more likely to get your audience to do what you’d like them to (what’s generally termed your call-to-action).

It’s crucial to think these things through, if you plan on growing a successful blog.

So I curated a list – especially for you – of steps that could help you choose a fitting topic for your next blog post (let me know if you actually used any of these, when you write it. Tag me on Linkedin!)


  • Identify your target audience: who are you actually writing for? This is one of the first steps in choosing topics that resonate with them. If they don’t connect with what you write, then there’s less of a chance they will click where you want them to (like to hire you, or book you for an appointment, or whatever your end point goal is). Think about their needs and problems. Consider their interests, too. I spend time with clients imagining their target avatars. We literally pick out qualities that describe them and write them down together, so that it’s clear in our head. When you’re writing, it’s extra great to imagine you’re writing specifically to them.


  • Brainstorm: Once you know who you’re helping (your defined audience), think through ideas that actually solves their problems and satiates their needs. Think about their questions, their curiosities, or what they specifically need help with. Be a problem-solver for them. In fact, be the BEST problem solver they ever could have stumbled on. Make yourself THE best choice for their need.


(that’s Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters. I’m also a music dinosaur so..)


  • Research: Check out what information is available on the topic you’re going to cover. If there’s a ton on it, your voice and offerings could get drowned out. But if there’s a paucity of it, you’re gold! Research can also help you find out who else is covering the same topic, how they’re covering it, and what you can do better to offer more. Check out popular trends and see if they can somehow be added into your own. Remember, though, I’m a big fan – HUGE, really – of authenticity, and of uniqueness of voice.


  • Be specific: Being specific with your topic really helps in today’s day and age. You may have heard of the term “niching it down”. That’s what this term is essentially asking you to do: to narrow a topic down so you can cover it in a more in depth manner. But be sure you’re actually giving out enough content to make spending time on your blog worth gold!


  • Clarity is important: Nobody wants to click into the blog of an authority figure, only to become more confused than they were before. You want to simplify things, and make sure your audience understands everything you write. They’ll better connect with you that way. Make sure that you also choose a concise title, that reflects your title. It will not only help your audience better understand what you write, but will also help with SEO.


  • Be open to adjustment: stay vigilant as to how your blog post is received. You may have a ton of enthusiasm off the bat, for example, when someone first sees the title of your post. But if the information within it falls flat, there may not be follow-through. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, and don’t be resistant to change what’s needed, especially if it makes it better.


So yeah, that’s it, in a nutshell.

Six quickies that can spruce up your next blog post to make it stand out.

Oh, and before we part ways, here’s a quick selfie-snapshot of this blog-dinosaur..


How To Choose the Right Topic for Your Next Blog Post

How To Choose the Right Topic for Your Next Blog Post

Choosing the right topic for your blog is uber-important when you're building online content. Here are 6 ways to get it right.


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