I Did Not Escape Twin Flames!

Since I’ve been sharing some of my thoughts on movies and shows lately, allow me to share this.

Escaping Twin Flames is a train wreck I’m glad I didn’t escape from.

I caught all 4 episodes, on fact, over a two-night span of Netflix binge-watching.


Some Thoughts:

1 This conniving duo is surely going to gain more followers after the release of this documentary, despite their being showcased in negative light. When they do, it will be yet another example of “no publicity is bad publicity”. And the continued downfall of our society.

2 People are really, really lonely. Loneliness has truly become an epidemic.

3 My article, published today on doctorsonsocialmedia.com, “How Do You Sniff Out BS?”, delves into some of this, but in the medical world. It’s all the same, really. Just take a group of vulnerable people, make promises, get others to vouch for you (coerced testaments work just fine in these cases), and you’ve got yourself a biz!


How Do You Sniff Out BS?

I Did Not Escape Twin Flames!

I caught this doozie of a documentary on Neflix and boy, am I glad that I did!


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.