I’m Around This Many Years Old

This isn’t LinkedIn-professional in the least bit (having shared this thought, originally, on LinkedIn), and it’s probably more deserving to be tweeted out than posted, but here goes.

Sometimes I forget how old I am.

I probably don’t mean this in the way you think. I’m not trying to say I feel young. The reality’s quite opposite, in fact.

I’m also not trying to fish for compliments. I honestly don’t need any.

I mean that I sometimes literally don’t remember my exact age.

I’m not ailing or anything. And I’m way too young to be experiencing dementia.

And to be fair, I do know my approximate age, give or take a year. I’m just not ever immediately sure of the exact number (though I’ve always excelled in math, so I can basically take a few moments to subtract it out).

I find this tidbit about me kind of wierd. But decided to throw it out there, nonetheless, in case it’s a “thing” and we can then all form a club around it.

Of note, though (and to my credit, since I’m being vulnerable and all here), I can build the shit out of a website!

Find my work on doctorsonsocialmedia.com, as we continue to evolve.

I’m “Around” This Many Years Old

A random observation I made the other day that I decided I'd share (and may, in fact, regret having done so)


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