I'm No Tiger Woods. But I'm Still Exploring.

Ever since stepping away from clinical medicine, I’ve been exploring EVERYTHING in the world around me, from the things I never had time to do, to the things I never knew I was naturally skilled at.

Well, golf has certainly NOT been one of the things I was naturally skilled at, as evidenced by the video below. But I’m giving it a shot, and I’m learning. Not because I’m interested in it, per se, but because the rest of my family loves it.

Sometimes, in life, you choose to fill up your time with things you don’t necessarily connect with, because you know it will lead to precious time with the people you love.

The sport’s not easy, but I’m working on my form (and making contact with the ball, especially when using the irons, which I find toughest).

Some fun facts about the sport you may, or may not, have known.

Curious if you golf. Or have any golfing tips or stories that I can pass on to my fam.

I’m No Tiger Woods. But I’m Still Exploring.


I’m No Tiger Woods. But I’m Still Exploring.

Even if Tiger Woods hit his first hole-in-one at age 8, it's never too late to pick up the sport. And clearly, I'm no Tiger Woods...


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