Inspiration Spotlight: John O’Hanlon

Inspiration in Children. A child shaves his head for childhood cancer

Meet John O’Hanlon. Child. Student. Boy Scout. Sportsman.

And now he can add Selfless Fundraiser to his resume.

John and a few of his friends decided to make a statement for a cause they felt strongly about. That cause was childhood cancer.
What they did was simply moving.

The boys selflessly agreed to shave their hair off in order to increase awareness and raise money for childhood cancer. Keep in mind that John is 10, only a 5th grader!

Here is John, on his big day, after raising money towards his cause.

A before and after:

The organization he teamed up with is called is St. Baldrick’s Foundation. This organization has raised over 200 million dollars since its inception. They support more than 368 institutions that are treating kids with cancer across the U.S. and beyond.

Stories like these move me. Stories like these need to be heard so more of us can do more good, amazing, incredibly selfless deeds in our lives.

For more on St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and if you’d like to learn more about possibly raising money for childhood cancer, visit their website by clicking here. More inspiring features to come.

Note: John’s parents gave permission for him to appear in this feature.

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