IPhotography tip:

identify aspects of your photographs consistent with real life wonders.


iPhotography Idea: Incorporate Real Life Wonders



And then go for it.

Highlight them. Point ’em out.

Your audience may not see what you see, especially if it’s artistic in any way. But let’s face it – art elements add intrigue, and sophistication, to your work.

So let ’em know it’s there. So that they’re not left completely in the dark where it comes to the thoughts behind your work.


Here’s another bit from this: people identify with concepts they’re familiar with. With people, places, & things that are an iconic part of life.

It makes them feel connected. Gives them that a-ha moment. That’s so warm and fuzzy inside.


Real-life example:

my son was reaching up for something and posing for my shot. It might have been our holiday card.

I found his overall pose reminding me the Statue of Liberty.

And so I took out the background, and left him in.

I then changed some of his coloring, to add some funk, and added in some of my words into the image, to accompany my thoughts.


And Bam, I had myself a cool and shareable post! Double bam!

iPhotography Idea: Incorporate Real Life Wonders