Is Chatgpt or Google Bard better?

So.. quick heads up: I won’t actually be answering this question in this article.

I’m simply going to point out an interesting – and laughable – observation I made while searching for the answer to this question.

Where it comes to AI, the successful digital ventures that incorporate it today are chronically neck-and-neck, esp where it comes to gaining human users and loyal fans.

So when a LinkedIn connection polled readers to rate which was better –
CHATGPT or BARD – I decided to enter it into a search and see what I got.

What I got made me laughed out loud.




The search revealed, right at the top, that Bard is “Lightyears ahead of ChatGPT in terms of its user-friendly interface.”

If you’re not laughing with me as you’re reading this, I’ll clarify to let you in on the joke – I have become so adapt to using Google as a search engine that I didn’t even immediately realize Google itself was the owner Google Bard so….

Someone sure knows how to market!

(In all fairness, there were findings that did come up – albeit lower down in the search, and without the bold font of the original finding – that pointed at ChatGPT.

Curious what you all have to say.

Google Controlled the Narrative & Made Me LOL

A colleague on LinkedIn asked which AI-model his readers preferred and it set me off on a quick (laughter-yielding) search..


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

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