Is Online Branding Really All THAT Important to a Professional?



I’ll begin with the short of the long: In 2020, YES. It’s important.



This is especially true as a professional.

Whether you’re hoping to move the needle in your field, network, or simply push business forward, the online space provides a powerful tool with which to do so much. 




BUT first things first.

Everything is based on your why: why will you be doing what you do, where it comes to the ONLINE world?

I capitalize online because it’s a beast, for lack of a better term.



why, it practically makes us want to pass out just thinking of it!




Which brings us to today’s question, posed to me by a physician online, and something that’s repeatedly asked of me:



Is it important to focus on “branding” if you’re just starting out?

My answer to this is a general “probably not”.

And I’ll add this disclaimer: everyone is different. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer.



But for the sake of packaging this concept up, here’s the short of the long:

If you’re truly just starting out, then you’re likely become overwhelmed.

There are simply too many choices out there. 

And each one is, in and of itself, confusing as hell.




So, my best advice:


  • Don’t feel pressured to do anything.


  • Take advice with a grain of salt.


  • It’s always a great, healthy idea to simply get your feet wet. Take time to look around.


  • Learn how the different platforms work.


  • Lurk from a distance, or squeeze yourself in. But whichever one you do, do you.


  • Make mistakes. The mistakes you make as you dabble will help you solidify how to do things the right way once you’re ready.


  • Figure out which of the platforms (there are so many!) appeals to both your interests AND talents – the one with which you’re most at ease – because that’s usually the right place to start.


  • Get help if you need it. There are many of us out there, who not only have the right experience and years of practice, but can also provide unbiased feedback and advice that’s right for you. We untangle your “stuck”.






But I DO also suggest this:


Don’t wait too long before carving out space for yourself, especially where your IP’s brand is concerned  (for example, the “Dr. Corriel” space is my IP brand: it’s where I can house everything that’s Dana Corriel and have it serve as an online portfolio of my thoughts. More on this another time).

Own what I refer to as “online real estate property.” Have you heard me speak about this? If not, find it embedded within my Instagram highlight right here. More on this another time.

Is Online Branding Really All THAT Important to a Professional?
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If any of my advice does resonate in any way, I ask that you kindly share it with your “peeps”. Because the more professionals who learn how to do this right, the more impact all of us can make.


Corriel out.

Is Online Branding Really THAT Important to a Professional?