It’s All in Marketing

I pulled a “scroll-by” on an interactive writer’s group the other day, and a declaration caught my eye.

It was more of a crowdsource, actually, that came in the form of a member’s post.

A member of media had wanted something clarified, and it was by coincidence that my eyes landed on her words, because I felt I was just the right person to answer.


She asked the following:

Why is that people are now taking their babies to chiropractors? Is this a growing trend and, if so, how did it come about?

I laughed to myself when I read this, in truth. And not because it’s funny. Quite the opposite, really.

I laughed because it is exactly the kind of thing I dabble in now; the reality of our health professions in modern day, and where patient interest is concern, the raging tides of changing trends.

And so, in typical two-cent-giving fashion, I told her exactly why: marketing.

That single word is more valuable than anything else, in this day and age. Especially where it comes to the PR each profession raises. It’s all in how we market it.

I spared her the violin session, in which I could make the case that this is at the crux of why our field is burning out rapidly; why so many groups made of physicians have now been formed, desperately looking for solutions to their burn.

I myself am a physician who left clinical medicine, after all, and to pursue ways in which I can help physicians market their place RIGHT BACK into healthcare.


Truth was,

one of those goals is to make it easier for all of THEM – members of the media, writers, businesses, patients – to reach these talented, educated, but busy experts with medical degrees. Because they’re willing to be reached, and they’re out there.

All we have to do is just start marketing their voice. And members of media can help.


Hit those health expert superstars up, right where we’re “showing them off”, at

It’s All in Marketing

"Why is it that people are now taking their babies to chiropractors?" a member of the media asked.


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