Project Dissecting Happiness: Karen Corriel


I run out today to the closest estate sale at eight in the morning which is something I never, ever do.

By chance, this guy who always used to run the estate sales, who I have not seen in years, was running it. I went downstairs and was going through the cartons of stuff and – this never happens to me because, especially with Barbies, most people running sales know they’re valuable, but not this one! – wow!

In a box of linens, I found a 1969 Talking Barbie doll, in mint condition (meaning never removed from box) and I could not believe it! On top of it, when I went upstairs, he only charged me five dollars for it, which just made my day.

That, to me, was happiness in that moment in time.

Happiness is different at any given moment in time. In other words, if I went for a mammogram and got good results, that would be happiness. If one of my grandchildren did something great, that make me happy, too.

Happiness is not an absolute. It’s relative to a particular time and place.


Karen Corriel enjoys vintage finds and specializes in collectible dolls.

Karen Corriel


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The Clown Head

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