I’ll Take A Shot of a Chuckle with a Dash of a Grin

the belly of Laffy Laffalot is shown. with her many buttons

She was in need of a friend. And a laugh.

I accompanied a close friend of mine to the hospital the other day the present, wrapped in wrapping paper of purple tones, with a black and white polka dot ribbon and a tan colored envelope on topto be there for her during a difficult surgery. It wasn’t the procedure itself that was difficult, but the details surrounding it.

The details didn’t even matter. She just needed some cheering up.

So I wrapped up a little toy I picked up at the store, that I picked up on one of my random runs, and, though meant for a child, I knew he’d lift up her spirit.

The toy was called Laffy Laffalot, an orange plastic thingamabob with a fat tummy filled with buttons. Each button, when pressed, resulted in a bout of laughter, with the thingamabob bellowing out. Laffy Laffalot, wrapped up in its box

There were different qualities of laughter: silly, happy, funny. And then there were the quirky: goofy, choke, wheezy and gurgle. You could even record your own laughter and customize the sounds.

My friend instantaneously smiled when she saw him. It worked. Not only did we spend the next large chunk of our time pressing the buttons of our new best friend, but he successfully made my friend laugh.

Not only that, but only a short few minutes after my friend was wheeled inside, I was approached by a bystander, whose curiosity was peaked at our toy. Read about our consequent interaction in my blog post titled, Leaving An Orange Thingamabob at a Stranger’s Door.

Why It Works

The point of this little orange guy is simple, and it works.

When people hear laughter, it makes them laugh.

Those going through a hard time are sure to, even if momentarily, have their spirits lifted once they hear the ‘batty‘ laughter of Laffy Laffalot.

Studies repeatedly show the immense benefits of laughter, which include lower stress, burning calories, and improvements in memory. You can read about specific findings in an article by the Huffington Post, showing that a New Study Proves That Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine. 

The best part is, it’s super affordable! To order a Laffy Laffalot from Amazon, click on this link. And don’t forget it’s free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Laffy Laffalot stands in front of blinds in the hospital waiting area.

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