Laugh or Cry?

An early COVID-era event.

Last night, my husband, also a physician, spent a bit of time downstairs, rummaging through forgotten knick knacks for goggles or eye protection of some sort.

Can you imagine wearing home-made protection at work?

He then came back up to where we were gathered, carrying exhibit A, below.‬




I tried to process this info.

Fact was, my husband, a grown man, had resorted to wearing a child’s swim goggle from 5 years back.

‪It was becoming unclear to me whether I should be laughing (at the ridiculousness of the situation) or crying (at the sad state of affairs to which we’ve arrived).


I posted my thoughts to Twitter.

There, one can literally spew random thoughts like this “out loud”, in a succinct 280 characters.

Then, you can follow it up – repeatedly – with 280 characters more. Because 280 is the limit of a single tweet!


No one on Twitter can walk away.

Laugh or Cry: A COVID-Era Dilemma

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