Leftover Chicken Meal (Burritos)

Recycling is just plain cool.

So when you grill up chicken the night before, and have leftovers, don’t throw them away.

They’re delicious the next day, chopped up and thrown into a burrito, surrounded by a mixture of whatever flavor you have in your fridge.

In this particular case, I seasoned the chicken with smoked paprika, and threw it in a warmed soft tortilla shell along with:


tomatillo sauce,


shredded carrots,

chopped fresh,


chopped tomatoes,

and then fresh avocado on top.


These tortillas from TJs are chewy in such an amazing way – they kind of remind me of mochi, a texture I love.


Trader Joe's Handmade White Tortillas - BecomeBetty.com


Anyhoo, we had ourselves leftover chicken burritos for dinner the night before, AND lunch.

They were THAT good.

Enjoy the reel I made showing y’all how:


Leftover Chicken Meal (Burritos)

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