Funny Thing About Parenting: Lessons from our Children

Funny Thing About Parenting.

It wasn’t the fact that my son won, a few weekends ago weekend, at our town’s local talent show, that makes me beam. Nor was it the fact that he took the win in stride, and with so much humility.

No. It was merely that he did it in the first place that causes me to swell up with pride and share it on this page.

It was simply that my child – the boy I birthed a short 14 years ago – went for it, head on, and taught me a valuable lesson in doing it.

Despite a hoarse voice.

Despite a performance anxiety that we all share with him, deep down inside, when any of us take on a stage.

Despite anything and everything we can think of that holds us back from taking on our dreams.

He took his on. And that makes me the proudest mom around.

As I geared up to take the stage in front of the county’s dental health professionals just two days after he won, I had my son to learn from and channel.

These talks have always made me cringe. But here I was, feeling more confident than ever. Because my son had paved the way.

That’s the funny thing about parenting. Our kids may be younger and less experienced than we are, but they have the power to teach us so much.

(Want to hear him play? You’ll have to buy tickets to his performance to see it.. 😉)

Funny Thing About Parenting: Lessons from our Children


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