Loneliness Sucks: New study on loneliness shows that it peaks for three age groups.

The Three Loneliness Peaks.


According to the study (found here) that came out less than a month ago, people reported feeling lonely around three ages in life:


late 20’s (a period of major decision making),

mid-50’s (midlife crisis period, mortality awareness) and

late 80s (health, financial issues).


The most interesting part of the study, to me, was that loneliness was subjective. It didn’t always equate with being alone or not having friends – a factor to consider when we sometimes pass judgement too quickly.

As the overused but under appreciated cliche goes –

Looks Can Be Deceiving.


Loneliness sucks: looks can be deceiving. You'd be surprised at the research that shows just who is lonely!


Here’s yet another factor worth noting – not only were men and women equal in feeling lonely, but the degree of loneliness was also the same.


The final great finding, to end on a positive note, was that:


wisdom was inversely proportional to loneliness.


Loneliness Sucks: Wisdom appears to be inversely proportional to loneliness; a writeup on being lonely.



So the more you have it, the less lonely you are.

(Wisdom was defined as general knowledge of life; emotion management; empathy, compassion, altruism and a sense of fairness; insight; acceptance of divergent values; and decisiveness – the ability to make quick, effective decisions when necessary.) 


There you have it. Some surprise findings about loneliness you may have not considered before.

Now let’s start a meaningful discussion and get this thing fixed!

Loneliness Sucks: New study on loneliness shows that it peaks for three age groups.

Loneliness Sucks.


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