Look Me, NO Hands: Opening a Can

The other day, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

I saw a gadget that opened up a can (I know this doesn’t sound exciting quite yet, but wait for it..) except there was no human holding the can opener.

No hand was attached to this concoction, cranking it round and round.

Instead, this thing was opening up the can up ALL BY ITSELF.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “I need this. STAT.”

I have been struggling with opening cans as of late, especially when I make various meals like my recent eggplant pizzas and my homemade humus (coming soon!) – which I use canned garbanzo beans for (when I want to quickly make it).



If you’d like a hands-free can-opening gadget of your own, purchase yours here here. It’s from Amazon Prime, so you get free shipping!

Look Ma, NO Hands: Opening a Can

Opening a can with no hands involved? Who thinks of these things? Better yet, who creates them??


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