digital advice shorties

I’m not suggesting that we all passionately embrace, as my paper-mache doctored photo may imply (I snapped the image myself, at an art gallery in Hollywood, Florida), but that we learn to respect one another in the busy highway that’s now been built within the digital space.

You’ll have many entities come and go, & each human bringing with them different personalities and viewpoints.

Some of them could make your day.

Others won’t.

Thankfully, like in the real-life, you won’t have to engage in anything, or with anyone, that you don’t want to.

Just remember one key factor: respect.

Love Really Does Conquer All

Respecting other humans and their viewpoints is key to survival in the online world.


On Vulnerability

I discuss the harsh reality of what holds many physicians back from immersing themselves online, thereby opening up to new (& sometimes maybe formidable?) opportunities.