Mom’s Chocolate Balls (with video)


This is a recipe that’s popular in Israeli households and is not at all healthy (but super yummy and fun when you’re in the mood for a naughty treat).



100 grams white chocolate
100 grams dark chocolate
100 grams butter, cut into cubes
1 tbsp sugar
250 grams chocolate tea biscuits (petite beurre – you can get them on Amazon here)
1/2 cup milk – higher fat preferred, but would love to hear from someone making these with oat milk or other alternative
1 tsp vanilla extract
(Optional) topping to roll them in: sprinkles or shredded coconut



Combine the chocolates and butter, and melt together in 15-second microwave intervals, stirring in between. You can use a Dutch oven, alternately.
Once smooth, stir in the sugar.
Pulse the tea biscuits until they’re crumbles (I like to leave some texture, so don’t pulse very fine) and add milk and vanilla.
Blend and cover. Refrigerate for around 2-3 hours.
Roll into balls (I use an ice cream scoop to scoop out small chunks) and then roll balls in topping.
Enjoy like this, or refrigerate and leave out a bit before serving.

(These are NOT healthy, so don’t come at me! They’re perfect for a little spoil.. we all deserve it, cut yourself some slack!!)


PS love the vintage tea plates in this video? Grab some of your own here, through Amazon.

Mom’s Chocolate Balls (with video)

While this chocolate balls dessert isn't in the least bit healthy, it'll hit the spot when you're looking to get a little.. spoiled.


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