Morning I-Need-It-Extra-Strong Coffee By the Lake

A mug containing coffee sits atop a raw wooden tabletop. View is from above.

Why is it that every time I sit down for a relaxing cup of coffee, or a good read, or a savory snack, I get interrupted by the yells?

A Tribute to Parents Out There, Juggling Life

Everyone has their tough days. We are all dealing with our own internal issues that are specific to our lives.

As a mother, I see myself and my friends struggling with the daily battles that our children present us with. Things like waking up the herd, wiping tushies, or arranging book bags never seemed so hard before we had kids.

How about making a school lunch?

In my case, none get made, because I’ve skipped this step altogether in my every-minute-of-my-time-seems-used-up-in-one-way-or-another life. In fact, I have now resorted to shamefully for every day-of-the-weeks’ worth of prepared hot lunches for the entire school year.

Let’s not forget picking them up, arranging playdates, driving carpools, getting homework done, scraping them off the floor when they tantrum, fighting to get them tucked into bed. Those are real tasks for us all and they fill up the emotional chalice of our lives.

I salute all mothers and fathers out there who dedicate their lives to bettering their children, and to simply giving them love.

Here’s to us all enjoying a little cup of coffee (extra strong), or whatever it is you love, by the lake!

A white mug (presumably with morning coffee) sits atop a rail, overlooking the beautiful grounds of estate with a lake in the background. A man, my husband, is seen with outstretched arm, throwing a baseball to a boy, my son.For the some of the medical low down on coffee, read my post, Coffee: Friend or Foe.

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