Mustard, Jekyll, and Hyde

I scored this Mustard fedora in Malaga, while there with my mini-me (grab a similar one from Amazon, with free delivery for Prime members to boot, here).

He was so patient for the first 5 minutes of perusing the store in which I found it (nestled there on a shelf, all on its lonesome self) and I, in turn, became grateful.

What must have been a second past the 5 minute mark, however, and that patience transformed.

I thought, for a moment, that this could easily have been a scene out of a modern-day Jekyll & Hyde, remade with a twist to cast a teenager as the main role. I became momentarily entranced by the thought of this, and of my own son lunging at me, right there, in daylight, in the middle of a Fedora-laden Malagan store.

But then, moments later, I got equally distracted by the mere fact that Jekyll & Hyde doesn’t actually take place in Malaga, or anywhere in Spain, for that matter.

And so the moment passed and my Jekyll was back.

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