My Main Squeezes: The Tools in My Life

Every profession has its tools.

Now it’s true that good old fashioned history-taking can lead a clever physician to the root of an ailment. But often, along the way, we need our tools.

In primary care, before I send patients out for imaging (one of the greatest tools invented), and after I use the best age-old tool that there is, the hand, I use my common office medical tools. These are everyday tools I use in the office, which I’ve grown quite fond of in my years practicing internal medicine.

Care to step up to the challenge?

Below are 6 photos of tools. Name each and follow your answer with which organ the tool tests or what function it serves. One point for naming the tool, another point for naming its function.

Get more than 10 points for superstar medical tool naming status!

Answers are written on the bottom of the post. Numbers correspond to the pictures, numbered underneath each one.











Glasses and Reflex Hammer




(1) sphygmomanometer – used measure blood pressure

(2) tongue depressors – used for viewing the throat area

(3) stethoscope – helps listen to the heart beating

(4) otoscope specula – placed on an otoscope, used to view inside the ear canal

(5) opthalmoscope – used to view inside the eye

(6) reflex hammer and reading glasses (yikes, I’m getting older!) – hammer to test reflexes, glasses for helping me read.

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