A New Year’s Confession: Goodbye and Hello

But if I won’t, it’s ok, because I have optimism - and passion - on my side. I’ll just get up and try again.


I’ll open this confession up with a famous quote, to warm things up and soften the blow. It’s a quote I remind myself of daily:


“Making a big life change is pretty scary. But you know what’s scarier? Regret.”


So here goes my 2020 New Year’s confession:


I’ve left clinical medicine.



While it’s taken A LOT of deep breaths (and several unbearably painful yoga poses) for me to post this, I need to do it to move on.

But I haven’t given up on the healthcare field. I am simply ‘reinventing’ what I can do to impact it.

Sound sci-fi? It is’t. It’s my reality.


Dr. Corriel's face appears inside a ceiling light, which has the word 'Exit' printed on its front..


You see, healthcare is broken.

For me, it was no longer a feasible option to stay practicing within it, as a primary care doctor, the way it’s headed. I absolutely loved my patients, and the relationships made, but I was no longer in control, or truly making decisions. I predict that, if change isn’t made, more doctors will follow suit.


But here’s the silver lining: I HAVE started to make a difference. I learned how to leverage the ‘online‘ (a reference to the Upside Down, for those Stranger Things fans among you). I’ve created a startup that’s already gained incredible momentum, in just 3 years of existence, and I’m now striving to make a difference the best way I can – using my creativity and the skills I’ve sharpened over this past decade.


Will I make it?

Who knows. I’ll sure try!

But if I won’t, it’s ok, because I have optimism – and passion – on my side. I’ll just get up and try again.


I’ll be exploring my new world along with you, with new lenses (ones I never wore because I was never as passionate about learning as I am now)- taking you with me to meet new people, hear cool ideas, and soak up exciting experiences.

Today, I am committing myself to the pursuit of innovation, through entrepreneurship. To learn everything I can about what’s out there, that I’ve never seen before. To take you with me.

So.. are you in?



I stand, in white coat, holding out my hand, and shards appear to leave my body as if I am disappearing


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