Where it comes to creating content, it’s easy to get “stuck”. Sometimes we need others to come along on our creation journey, and help us step outside of the box; get “unstuck”.

I’m newly offering monthlong networking/idea exchange “intensives”, which bring together masterminds of professionals who are hoping to create outside the box, and find others who can help.

Priority for these monthlong sessions will go to SoMeDocs members, by level, and then open to the public. Add your name to the list below, & get added in sequence.

Questions? Post them in the SoMeDocs FB group that I lead (sorry, docs only).

"Should I Build My Own Website?" the Doctor Asked


How can a website help a professional?

- Next date announced soon -

This free LIVE webinar could change the way you look at the digital space. Get inspired to build online & open up to new possibilities for your career.

This webinar expired. Please sign up to get a seat at my next one.

Quick Snippet

Where my webinars are concerned, no two are ever the same. Why? Because my best work is done off-the-cuff, and because I love for my audience to take the central role in determining the flow.

Sophia Kogan, MD

Great webinar yesterday by Dana Corriel, MD
of SoMeDocs about the importance of
physicians owning their digital space.
I always learn something new.