Interview with Author Nir Eyal of ‘Hooked’ & ‘Indistractable’


Connecting with an Author

I hopped on a call with the author of a fabulous book that I read a few months back called Indistractable.
It focuses on the distractions of living in the world today, and gets you thinking about kicking those distractions to the curb, using a fresh new angle.
Interview with Author Nir Eyal of 'Hooked' & 'Indistractable'
Eyal, in action



Eyal Nir,

who was physically in Singapore when we recorded the session, agreed to ‘distract himself’ for the course of over an hour, with yours truly, in order to give me and my audience (that’s you!) some of his takes.

Our insightful discussion is linked in the video below, and is part I of 2!

Scroll below the video to find relevant links to his work.


For part 2 of our interview, click here!






Link to Eyal Nir’s website:
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Habits vs routines article: