NYC Mobile Flower Truck

Uprooted mobile flower shop seen from the front, at its full

I was walking down the flatiron district of NYC with my family today Mobile Flower Truck stands on the side of the NYC street, with mailbox and trashcan seen at the corner, in front of itwhen I ran into this beauty.

I’ve seen many of these trucks around the city, but they usually sell ice cream, gyros, even cupcakes. This was the first one I ran into selling flowers.

Yes, flowers!

Needless to say, the truck was decorated in beautiful turquoise and had gorgeous greenery displayed at its window. The mobile flower truck apparently “brings efficient service, unique flowers and playful designs right to your curb”.

What an idea.


The next time you need a floral arrangement delivered straight to your door (and are physically located in New York City), you can now give Uprooted, the flower mobile truck, a holler!

Or just find the link to their site by clicking here.




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