Attending a Tribute to Oliver Sachs

What was really enjoyable was watching all of the people that came into his life and basically fell in love with him. Also interesting was his not being taken seriously when younger by many of the publishing magazines while all the while a creative genius was standing behind the unrecognized work. Goes to show that perseverance and determination, as well as standing your ground for who you truly are, can help you accomplish so much.
Oliver Sachs said, “At 11, I could say “I am sodium” (Element 11), and now at 79, I am gold.”


Dr. Esposito and Dr. Chow stand to Brian Greenes right while I stand to his left. We are all smiling, huddled together.

Dr. Esposito, Dr. Chow and I flank co-chair of the World Science Fair, physicist Brian Greene, on its opening night in NYC.



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