On Getting Older: PJs at 8 & a Reverse Tuck Goodnight

Boy. Time passes by so quickly.

I was saying this to my husband, Jared, last night, when our oldest came in to say goodnight; a man. We reminisced about the days when we both worked crazy hours in our hospitals – each in their respective residency program – while Ethan – aforementioned oldest son – was being raised in the hands of someone else.


I told my husband I couldn’t believe just how much one can age, in the span of a mere few years.

The wrinkles.

The creaking of joints.

The fatigue.

Every day aches and pains we never really had before.

And then this comes up. A memory, on a social media wall.

On Getting Older: PJs at 8 & a Reverse Tuck Goodnight

And though it brings me back immediately to the days when they were younger, and more innocent, it also reminds me of just how beautifully my babies have grown.

And in reality, so have Jared and I.

Not Spring Chickens.

We may not be the spring chickens we once were (I proudly call myself a summer chicken, because I simple deal best with that weather). We may wear pajamas at 8 PM and even get tucked in by the kids themselves, many nights (they have waaay more night-stamina than we do..).

But I also appreciate that our bodies aren’t the only ones aging. Our experiences age, too.

Like wine, they get finer by the year. And the smiles that form as we recall each and every one is priceless.

Best Part.

The best part of it all?

That we get to make more. No matter how old we all get, life gets richer because we have each other in it.

We wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a happy one, surrounded by any, and all, generations of those you love. And we thank everyone who makes our life richer by sharing our precious experiences with us.

(This post was written and posted in Dec. 2018. Photo cred to the always-talented photog Jodi Corriel Tenzer.)

On Getting Older: PJs at 8 & a Reverse Tuck Goodnight

PJs at 8 & a Reverse Tuck Goodnight: On Getting Older


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