Leaving an Orange Thingamabob at a Stranger’s Door

The present is "paid forward", as it lays, waiting at the front door, waiting to be seen by its recipient.

Let me explain.

While at the hospital accompanying a friend through her surgery, I brought along a present, a surprise orange thingamabob called Laffy Laffalot, who makes people of all ages laugh and lifts up their spirits.

You can read more about him here and purchase him here.

A woman was sitting nearby and saw (and likely also heard) Laffy Laffalot in action. Although he has a volume control button, he can be fairly loud (and also happily contagious). She came over and asked me what it was making the noise.

Her face lit up and she immediately inquired as to where she could get one for her daughter.

Her daughter had been born with a tumor in her brain, which was removed when she was young. Now 25, she was mentally disabled, and needed 24-hour care. The woman speaking to me was sweet, and looked very tired. She had three other children, she said, grown boys, who she also cared for and raised.

I decided I’d pay it forward that very moment and ordered a Laffy Laffalot for her daughter. img_6509.jpgIt turned out she lived in the town next door and I figured I could wrap him up nicely and deliver it to their home.

A week later, when he arrived in the mail. I wrapped him up nicely and took a short trip over to their residence, where I placed it at the front step. I imagined the daughter’s smile when she arrived from school, my anonymous present awaiting for her there. The best part was that it would be from a complete stranger.. and for no reason at all!

It felt great to pay it forward, even if just with a small, orange toy. I try to do it every once in a while because it makes my day feel better. I hope it did for her as well.

For those of you interested in paying it forward, and especially for those of you, like me, that love playing games (I wrote a piece about a great game room in the Village, NYC- click here to read it), here is a novel idea of combining the two concepts. Sneaky cards! Read about them here.

The present is shown, wrapped in floral wrapping, sitting at the front porch of its recipient

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