Can we talk honestly, for a second, about why deans & presidents of universities don’t speak up about the flagrant antisemitism that’s going on?

I think that this issue is more relevant than any other issue is, here in professional LinkedIn.

For reference, and as an example, students were given extra credit to attend a pro-Palestinian rally at one school.

At another, they were required to scan a barcode that spewed hate in order to enter a school clothing sale.

Let’s not mince words. We all know why they’re not speaking up. It’s because they’re scared to lose their jobs. They’re scared to lose any future opportunity, at that.

You see, this is all part of the “performative activism”. I see it displayed even with my own medical colleagues.

For context, Performative activism is activism done to increase one’s social capital rather than because of one’s devotion to a cause.

Everyone just goes along with whatever narrative they’re supposed to, at the moment, so that they’re not labeled a racist, unkind, lacking in morals, etc, and then excluded from social standing amongst their peers if they do.

This is perpetuated, by the way, by social media influencers, who know EXACTLY when to “scream out loud” within the platforms of their popularity, and have perfected “performative activism” to the T.

They are immediately rewarded, of course, with loads of new followers, who themselves pick up on the rhetoric that’s “supposed to” win you more followers of your own.

It’s a vicious cycle.

It is no different, really, than a gambling addiction. I picture each of them like they’re standing in front of a slot machine. With each pull of the handle – a la performative tweet, post, or pin – their eyes spin with excitement at the wild fervor of what’s to come next.

Who’s gonna follow me now?
Who’s gonna retweet?
What superstar is gonna align with what I say?

I cannot be the ONLY one who’s fed up now, can I?

It’s time for us to reward critical thinkers. To weed out “performative activists” who rant and rave until their face turns blue (or rather, until their hands tingle, since we’re referring to online virtue-signalers).

I am ashamed at what our society has become. Where we cannot openly talk about the reality that’s in front of us because our influencers have decided to go along with the distortions of the day.

I’m ashamed that we are afraid to offend someone, and so we prefer to keep quiet (or worse, go against what we intrinsically know is right) and continue watching in horror as the world turns upside down.

Performative Activism Will Lead to Our Demise


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