Today’s pearl comes from the mouth of Jeff Bezos, who says – and I quote:





Meaning, your online BRAND is the impression you leave them with. It’s what you MAKE THEM think of by actively – building and working on – your brand.


When you understand that concept, you start to really understand why actively ‘branding’ is so important.



Let’s take an example, shall we?


If you’re a neurologist specializing in headaches, you’d probably LOVE for everyone to think, “Headaches,” whenever your name is mentioned. Right?

It would be fantastic.

‘Cause more patients/followers/thought leadership for you!






But the opposite is true too! Think about it.

Wouldn’t it be great if every time someone wanted to know something about headaches, your name popped up in their head?

THAT, my friends, is effective physician branding. THAT is where I want all of my SoMeDocs to be.

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