Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

What is a PCP?

A primary care doctor, like me, is someone who trains in the entire adult body, and helps in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, as well as referring out to specialists, when needed.

But have you ever considered the seemingly endless possibilities that exist in a day in the life of a primary care doc like me?

A Field Encompassing So Much

A patient who comes to visit me in the office can present with such a wide variety of possible complaints, and the fun for me starts the minute I walk through that door. I never know what sits in front of me, and what’s going to be discussed.

The day can start off with a symptom involving the head, only to be followed by another, all the way on the other side. A third then comes in, completely elsewhere in anatomic-region and so on and so forth.

A sporting event comes to mind, a horse race, with the sports announcer manically speeding through stats as the horses gallop by, listing off names in succession like an auctioneer in public auction.

Red Eye in first place, followed by Skin Rash, a close second.

Running third is My-Knees-Are-Swollen, with Dizziness trailing right behind.

Right-EarRinging-And-There’s-Pus-Draining is coming up the rear.

I-Have-This-Itch-Down-There is inching his way up, but look out for Recurrent-Head-Lice full steam ahead..

Far back are Toe Fungus, I’m-Told-I-Have-Elevated Liver Enzymes-And-I’m-Here-For-An-Ultrasound-Referral and Diarrhea.

Oh, look! I-Can’t-Get-It-Up has taken a fall and has been disqualified from the race.

plastic model of the human body, with exposed organs

 Well, there you have it. And these just a few of the many complaints I find on the docket in the day of a busy primary care’s office.

MY Field

How exciting is this field? MY field. Did I mention I love it?

When I treat a patient’s illness, solve his medical dilemma, he’s reached the finish line and so have I. But the race doesn’t end there for me – I get to start the race completely from scratch. I simply walk into the room next door, where a new complaint awaits.

Putting the puzzle pieces together, squaring away all the loose ends, coming up with a diagnosis and ultimately explaining it and treating – that’s what makes this field so great. It feels really great, too.

It’s  just another thrilling day at the horse race of primary care.


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