Puerto Rico, Baby

Our Trip.

It wouldn’t be a complete Corriel trip if this content creator (that’s me!) didn’t share some of the adventures had, using the visuals I love to create. As always, I’m armed with only my iphone, which makes it extra easy & quick.


Take a look at the video I created, to the right, or scroll down for some of my more detailed tips. 

Puerto Rico 1: Daisy has head outside window
Play Video about Puerto Rico 1: Daisy has head outside window


The Weather

What made our journey most enjoyable was that we left behind cold weather in the morning (I still can’t believe we had a 7 AM flight! Note to self: NEVER book a flight that early), and stepped, under 4 hours later, into 80 degrees.

The Secret Lounge

Anyone ever see the “Start-Gazer Lounge” bit on SNL?

My boys love it & because it reminds them of the clip (watch it on the right), we had an extra fab time finding this somewhat “hidden” gem of space at the PR airport.

It’s a mere elevator-ride away from the main floor, but opens up a comfy world of wonder, complete with squishy sofas, food & beverage to your heart’s content – within reason, of course, since you’re still at an airport! – & an interesting collection of airplane-related visuals you can take Instagram photos with.. 😉

Old San Juan

Taking a stroll in old San Juan means soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of a beautiful open-air town filled with history.

Even with a mask on.

Building Colors

No one is – or maybe “was”, as I’m not clear on whether this rule is still enforced – allowed to paint their building front the same paint color as another building on their street. This makes for an incredible display of colors as you’re walking down the streets.


Though we didn’t get to visit the famous forts while there, I found someone, via a search, that did. Find her recs here.


The ground in some of the alleyways of old San Juan is paved with magnificent cobblestones; each an incredible hue of blue. Called adoquines, they were brought over in Spanish ships in the 18th century.


Don’t be scared to take photos from interesting angles. It will capture the beauty that surrounds you, and allow you to take it home.


There’s a small lagoon, between Condado and Old San Juan, where you can partake in any water sport activity & enjoy what the still water has to offer, complete with manatees & sting rays (which we admittedly didn’t know live there & so didn’t see).

The place we rented from – such nice folks! – is found at Cumpleanos VIP.

Pineapple Treat

Get ready for a fruity treat for the senses, while in PR: you make sure you not only order, but also watch as they prepare a pineapple for you, chopped up and filled, in front of your watering mouth, with either pina colada – alcoholic or not – or straight pineapple juice. Cheers!


This little goody is an empanda.

Or, as they’re referred to in Puerto Rico, an empanadilla.

It’s filled with meat & dough, and then fried to its delicious end-state, ready to be devoured.

Here’s a recipe for some, that you can follow from home.

We found some ah-mazing empanadillas, at a random bike stop in Old San Juan, with a seating area overlooking the bay. Find it at La Casita de Rones.


We hit up the Isla Verde region of beautiful Puerto Rico, in one of the only places on the island where we could be taught to surf.

Our abdomens took a hit – note to self and to you: next time be smart & wear rash guards! – but our adventure appetites were satiated.

Learn to surf here, at the Marriott Bonvoy of Isla Verde.

Venture Off the Beaten Path.

Outside of the big city lie many, many spaces where one can take on an adventure.

We hiked, for example, at Patillas, about a 1-hour car ride away from San Juan.

There, we got cozy in a small water hole, stripped down to our bathing suits, and jumped in. If you do that, wear your socks (’cause it’s slippery!)


We ate, for two nights in a row, in a place that was convenient because it:


  1. was located near our hotel and
  2. had delicious food in a hip setting


The name of the place was ‘Burrito Social’, and you can find it here.

Highly recommend the chicken tacos (ask for the corn tacos specifically), which were to-die-for. Pictured: blackberry coconut mojito, which made for an awesome photo in the purple-hued setting. 

Skateboard Park


We stumbled on this by chance, on a LONG walk to Isla Verde, from Condado, where we stayed.

It was a skateboard park, which wouldn’t typically be a source of excitement for me – being that I’m a neurotic where it comes to sports like these – but for the incredible grafitti’ed walls. 

You’ll find great graphics for those Instagram photo shoots here, if you enjoy that type of thing, or an interesting, free exhibit to walk through, at the least.  

Go on a bike ride along the coast!

Puerto Rico, in snapshots