Quick Thoughts on Physician Dedication (From my FB Page)

Quick Thoughts on Physician Dedication
(I posted this on my FB page earlier today, and thought it was important to share here)
I’d like to wish my husband, Dr. Jared Corriel, the best of luck on his nuclear boards today. Not because he needs public mention (he’s not even aware of my writing this), but because the general public should hear just how hard a physician works, outside of the office, to maintain his or her credentials, and earn their rightful place as healthcare thought leaders.
This is the second of 4 boards he will be taking in the span of just a single year, the last just a short 4 weeks ago. Each test costs well over $1000 and takes months to study for. The questions are very difficult, and stressful, to say the least.
I have watched his under-eyes turn black as he spends sleepless nights answering urgent patient calls. Quick Thoughts on Physician Dedication This after long work hours, as a cardiologist treating emergencies at every moment of the day (which, by the way, he enjoys doing tremendously but has certainly taken a toll on his human body ‘machine’). And now, adding to it the rigorous studying for these exams.
My son asked him the other day, “Dad, why do you want to be a doctor? All you do is study.”
Of course, we have great answers for that kind of question. We want to help out mankind. It’s a noble profession and a beautiful field. We love it. But it’s also tough. I decided to ask other physicians out there that very same question. Because I became intrigued with what others would have to say, especially at a time when physician burnout is making the news, and dissatisfaction is rising (as are suicides).
I’m putting together a piece highlighting whether physicians would do it all again, if they had a chance to rewrite their past, and would be happy to hear what everyone has to say here – physician or patient. Feel free to use the comment section below, or reach out to me.

It’s an important healthcare discussion to start.

Quick Thoughts on Physician Dedication

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  1. I don’t know if I would do it again- I love what I do, and am glad that I’m doing it, but seeing that lack of support for new doctors during their training regarding wellness, stress management, suicide rates climbing and burnout on the rise….I’d worry what doing it again would look like.

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