Happiness is not a destination. It is not something that you suddenly achieve one morning as you wake up. It is not a perk that is unlocked once you pass a certain point in life. It is also not something that sticks around forever once you have experienced it. Happiness is the most elusive feeling and the motivation behind every action we as humans perform. “If I just get this promotion I will be happy,” or “If I get a new car, I’ll be happier,” and even “the more people I sleep with, the happier I’ll be” are all common thoughts for people chasing the fleeting feeling of happiness.

However, the more we run after happiness, the further away it seems to get.

Happiness is a choice and must be practiced every single day. Happiness is understanding your place in the world, your role in the game of life, and pursuing purposeful living. Happiness is expressing gratitude in the face of hardship, forgiving in the face of insult, and giving everything with no expectations in return. Happiness does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, the disabled and able-bodied, the colored and non-colored, the illiterate and educated. Happiness remains aloof from the material platform and requires a deeply spiritual approach. Happiness requires introspection, meditation, and a step away from the hustle and grind of our worlds.

Happiness requires daily hard work, practice, and commitment.


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Ragav Sharma is a medical student who is on Twitter @_ragavSharma_.

Ragav Sharma


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