Roasted Asparagi with Loads O'Garlic

I love asparagus. And I love this asparagus side dish.

Can you believe asparagi is actually a word?

I’ve been using it around the house, to be funny.

My kids don’t think I’m funny, and they roll their eyes whenever I try to be.

So I naturally came in here, into my blog, to be funny instead.

But lo and behold, in trying to be funny, I actually came up with a real word.

Asparagi = the plural of asparagus.

Who knew?!


A Side Dish of Asparagi

I LOVE this asparagus side dish. And so do my kids.

Now, I’m not joshing’ you. My kids REALLY do love this dish, and there’s a chance your kids may love it, too.

Just think of all the vitamin and mineral GOODNESS you’ll be shoving into their little bodies with just a single serving of this green bunch.

It’s chock full of folate.

And Vitamins




and K.

Bodybuilders eat them – tell THAT to your kids! – apparently because folate helps improve blood flow to working muscles, which makes them secret weapons in the gym. Plus, the glutathione in asparagus may help reduce inflammation, too.

Oh, and if you want to know why asparagus makes your pee smell – cause it does!! – you’ll have to come back to the blog and read ’bout it. ‘Cause I promise I’ll post about that too!

Now let’s find out how to serve up these greenery yums to get healthy!


Behold my asparagi! *said in a really deep voice, like we’re at a king’s court*


Every time I make this asparagus side dish, my kids scrape up the serving plate, and even fight over the garlic bits that remain.

It’s SO easy to make, and best part is that I recently found a batch of asparagi at Costco that cost well under $10 for a whopping 2.25 pounds.

I now keep them on hand and add them in as a side dish in a pinch!


Here’s what I do:

I lay the asparagus out in a row, on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and I drizzle ’em with olive oil.

Then, I smother them in garlic – loads and loads of it, minced right on top.

That garlic is going to roast so beautifully in the oven, right along with the asparagi, and taste incredible with the juice of the lemon I squeeze over it all at the end.

Salt and pepper that baby, and you’re golden.


Smothered in a blanket o’ garlic.


Glamour shots. Smile!!

More shots of my asparagi, waiting to begin roasting.

Finally, a nice sprinkling of salt and upper really ups the ante, before they go in:

Upping the ante with a salt and pepper sprinkle.

That’s it.

Once your asparagi are out of the oven, and covered in lemon juice, you’ll want to serve ’em.

Prepare to wow the crowd.

Oh, and before I get to the recipe, please note that I’ve written about making this before, with my kids! It’s the perfect, easy side dish to make with the little ‘uns and watch as they bask in a satisfied glow (of having prepared their own side dish!). Read it here.



1 bunch of asparagus

3 tbsp olive oil Extra virgin olive oil (I used my rosemary-garlic-infused olive oil, which you can learn how to make here)

5-10 garlic cloves (your preference, depending on how much you love garlic)

1/2 lemon

1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper



Turn on the oven to 375 Farenheit. Lay the asparagi in a row, on a parchment-lined baking sheet and scatter the olive oil on top.

Mince garlic over the top and scatter evenly.

Sprinkle salt and pepper on the top evenly and give everything a nice toss to mix.

Roast in the oven for about 20 mins, until asparagus have turned a green shade darker and look a bit “shriveled”.

Take them out of the oven and squeeze lemon juice on top.

Serve and enjoy over dinner, while discussing the latest in healthcare! Need a topic? Read “Costco: Bringing Healthcare To An Aisle Near You“, my latest article for the SoMeDocs magazine.

Roasted Asparagus with Loads O’Garlic & Lemon

Roasting asparagus is easy as 1-2-3, and it's as delicious as it is healthy. I'll show you how I prepare it as a side dish, in my home.


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