All Rolled Up, With Nowhere to Go

Rolled ice cream from ICE, a fantastic treat in NYC

In a little shop, so small it’s almost hidden from view as you walk down MacDougal in the Village, stands an ice cream shop, so cool and fun that I’ve often daydreamed about its ice cream scrolls. I say this because they literally look like the scrolls of an ancient book.

Except it’s actually scrumptious, sweet ice cream.

Nerd alert ‘scientific aside’:

For some science behind this pleasurable treat, I’ll just mention an interesting study performed in the UK about whether ice cream truly “makes us happy”. Investigators were able to prove this to be true by showing, using brain imaging technology, that eating ice cream did indeed activate the pleasure/reward center of our brain, named the orbitofrontal cortex, or OFC for short. This same area was NOT activated when mundane, ordinary food was ingested. So cool. I chose neuroscience as an undergraduate major for a reason!

How It’s Made

The process of making these ice cream scrolls is fascinating, and worth watching inside this small shop, albeit through a plexiglass separation. I’ve captured it with my camera and posted below.

Here is how it works: Liquid is laid out on an icy surface to begin the process. When the liquid becomes somewhat hardened, as it freezes, it is mixed together, with the filling of your choice. Then, it’s time to spread the thick mixture out, into very a very thin layer, which hardens/freezes again and is scraped and rolled up into what I call ‘ice cream scrolls’.

Here are the steps:

making rolled ice cream involved creating a thin layer of the cream, which hardens on the frozen surface shown

next step, ice cream is rolled into scrolls

the ice cream is rolled into scrolls, 4 of which have formed in this image

5 rolled ice cream scrolls are seen, as the woman scrapes them off the frozen surface

6 rolled ice cream scrolls are seen at the edge of the frozen surface

Flavors range from the standard chocolate and vanilla, to the fancier green tea, thai iced tea and coconut milk.

The finished product is nothing short of delish.

Add a little extra toppings and your kids will give it an A+.

chowing down on rolled ice cream may even be better than watching it being made: ICE, NYC

Find these ice cream scrolls at I CE NY, 101 MacDougal St, NYC.

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