You asked, & I’m delivering.. a family board game rec.

It’s been a while, folks, I know.

But it turns out you REALLY like my family board game game recs, so I’m bringing you another winner that this dual-physician family LOVES.


This REALLY IS a FAB family board game rec for your whole family. So search no further.


*drum roll please*




(& you can purchase it using my link to it below)

Why is it our family board game rec, you ask?



Because it:

  • is fun.
  • is educational
  • requires strategy to play well
  • teaches skills that can apply to real life (building, bartering, negotiating, e& so much more)




It also apparently “sold over 25 million copies in more than 30 languages, and has created a cult of rabid fans around the world,” according to a Fortune magazine writeup called “Why Settlers of Catan Is Better at Teaching Your Kids Money than Monopoly”.

But alas, it also appears like Fortune magazine isn’t the only entity pushing Monopoly aside as game night winner.

My colleague Dr. Alison Escalante has chosen to shelf the game, too, having reached the conclusion that


“Monopoly is not the best way to help my kids learn good sportsmanship.”


She explains why on her blog right here.

I don’t know that I agree with all of her points, in truth, but I do appreciate that someone else loves board games enough to write about them, as much as me.

I’d love to hear from some of you weighing in, especially since, like Dr. Escalante, some of our own family game nights have ended in fights, too.

Is monopoly a game that helps learn good sportsmanship?

Let us know what you think here.


Anyhoo, back to the game at hand..

Regardless of whether or not you agree that Monopoly “monopolizes” the familial bonds you’re seeking to strengthen during those afternoons spent rolling dice, shuffling cards, and laying out game pieces, one thing’s for sure:

Don’t SETTLE for anything less than THIS family board game rec, called Settlers of Cattan.

.. get what I did there? “Settle”?!?


Want to try it out for yourself?

Link to purchase below.

But also, real quick, here’s a little video ditty of us, playing the game:




This link will take you to Amazon Prime, here you can purchase this at no shipping cost:




Don’t forget to tag my account of YOUR FAMILY playing it. Or you just telling me how it went. I LOVE to see what goodies come out from my recs. Tag @drcorriel!


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