Shoes at a Festival

This commentary isn’t even about shoes. Or feet. Or my husband’s legs.

That said, these are my husband’s legs. I took this photo during an outing at a festival in upstate New York. I’m not even really sure why I took the photo, especially from that angle. It’s a little weird.

That said, this photo allows me to mention the issue of men and women and medicine.

I had this discussion with a speaker – Stephen Lewellis, MD, to be exact – from the conference I’m hosting starting today (find the links to sign up here).

We see a lot of separation these days and projects that only women are involved in, or only men.

It would really be fantastic to see us working together more often. Especially when it comes to projects outside of our hospital systems and exam rooms.

There’s a lot of differences between us, sure. But there’s also so many similarities. So many shared missions and ambitions.

So I hope that we can bridge the gap, and get us working together outside of the clinical space, to impact change, both in the greater field of healthcare, and individually in our careers.

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