"Should I Build My Own Website?" the Doctor Asked

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Someone in a private practice group asked about building a website the other day.

She was considering building one, versus hiring out.

Here was my advice, having spent years learning how to build websites, and perfect design, complexities, AND user experience.

It honestly depends on how much time you want to spend building AND on level of design.



You can easily build a simple website,

that serves a simple function.

Most high schoolers probably can.

But if you want to take things to “next-level”, and make things REALLY pop, which I’d always recommend for those in cash-private practice, then consider upleveling. You’ll be much more likely to entice an audience meaningfully, and convert followers into “clients” (for us, obviously “patients”).

It’s all in the marketing.



Someone else responded in the post,

saying that it wasn’t about the look, but about the SEO.

Now I’ll conceded that SEO is important. It’s an extremely crucial factor for being found online. Getting SEO right helps to drive traffic to your site in the 1st place.

But you won’t necessarily retain all the folks who land on it, if it isn’t “stand out”.

So I’ll follow with more of my two cents here, even if some of you disagree.

It IS very much about design.

SEO drives people to your website. Great design keeps them there.

So while there’s great factors we have naturally going for us (in that we’re doctors, so if someone is looking for a local one, there isn’t much in the way of competition), we still need to optimize our digital space, and get those things “right”.

(This is also, in part, why non-physicians are getting so much traction in 2022. Because they “get it”. They realize just how important the concepts of marketing really are.)

“Should I Build My Own Website?” the Doctor Asked

I have a lot of experience - and also a lot to say - where it comes to building websites as professionals. And I'm gonna say it!


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