SINUSITIS got you down?

Sinusitis Got You Down? Some pointers on this inflammation.


Sinusitis infections are coming in through my clinic doors in droves.

Where is Typical Sinus Pressure Felt?

I put together a graphic using a stock image combined with my iPhone skills to help answer this question. Arrows correspond to location of sinuses commonly affected, which is also where pain is commonly reported.

It’s not always so clear cut, however. Some patients complain, for example, of tooth pain. Others, of pain in the temples. A ‘headache’, another complaint.

Do I Need Antibiotics?

The important thing to remember is that even if you experience sinusitis, it DOES NOT necessarily imply that it’s bacterial in origin or that it requires antibiotics! Some sinusitis infections clear up on their own, as they can be VIRAL in nature. Remember that antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses.

What factors make the infection more likely to be bacterial?

* duration of over 10 days
* severe sinus pain
* fever
* thick, purulent, and sometimes green nasal discharge.

Regardless of the cause, consult with your doctor about what is causing your sinus pain this season!

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