6 Ways to Reduce UTI Symptoms

6 Ways to Reduce UTI symptoms

Below are 5 ways to reduce symptoms of a UTI, or urinary tract infection. Bear in mind, neither of these will treat an infection, just help to relieve the symptoms.

5 Ways to Reduce UTI Symptoms

Hydrate aggressively.

I enjoy saying this because it holds true for most infections. Not because it’s poetic but because it’s so, so true. Water is at the center of life. Unless you have a contraindication, loading up on water washes out the pathogens from your system.

Cranberry juice.

Not proven scientifically, once you actually experience a UTI, but still worth a try in non-diabetics. It may help, however, in prophylactically reducing occurrence of UTI’s.

Eat more yogurt.

Again, in non-diabetics.


This is a medication which can help ease pain (though not treat the bacteria causing it), if your UTI manifests in this symptom. Careful, it turns your urine red! There is also an over-the-counter medicine that can help, called Azo.

Warm compresses.

These can help when applied to the abdominal area, when a patient experiences pain.

Over-the-counter pain medications.

Good old Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain, depending if you’re able to tolerate them.


If you enjoyed this article, read about the changes in treatment guidelines of UTIs over the last few years in my article, Not Your Mother’s UTI.

6 Ways to Reduce UTI dymptoms

As always, anything written in this blog should be taken as opinion and discussed with your personal physician before following advice. 

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