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It is not a coincidence that my colleague named her social media handle Tea and Reverie.

She actually loves tea.


I know this for a fact because I’ve visited Florida just a few months ago, to lecture (on healthcare social media) at the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health conference, and met her live while there. This was well before Covid-19 officially limited us, albeit a few days before – so social proximity wasn’t an issue.

What turned out from our ‘anonymous’ connection – the pure spark fueled by faceless engagement on Twitter – was a beautiful evening filled with Disney, discussion, and tea!


Dr. Mathur and I


drool-worthy window shopping at Disney..


she introduced me to Dole ice cream while there, which was apparently a ‘classic’


I left the conference not only with the experience of the people I met while there, but also with the memories of time spent with Dr. Sanjana Mathur (and the delicious tea leaves she surprised me with, when we parted ways; turns out she snuck them to the cash register as a gift to me when I wasn’t looking. How sweet!)

Well, my eyes landed on a tweet by the very same Dr. Mathur just a few minutes ago – and as they usually do, her words, and message, resonates. She tweeted out this:





I immediately retorted.

I had written about this before! And right here in this very blog (in fact, right here).

I tweeted back:





And, of course, I didn’t leave out that valuable gif in my response.

One must always consider bringing a “gif on” when they’ve got skin in the Twitter game.

So.. Kermit came along.




Morale of story:


Make friends on Twitter that tweet out meaningful content and makes you think.

Engage in thoughtful, respectful banter.

Drink Tea.

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